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By John Igbinosun

johnMillions of years ago, before the first set of four legged creatures ever roamed the surface of the earth, scientists made a most astonishing discovery.

A tiny microorganism was found in the hot springs of the Kumbatu Mountains of Senegal. This unique organism was always found in clusters and had a strong affinity for the extreme depths of the water. It was known to glow with beautiful colors at night and strong protective instincts. Every morning, these microorganisms were always the first to be found at the surface of the water where they would lay in wait for tiny plant-like particles that would drift to the top of the water. They would then use their tiny hair-like features to trap these plants and use as food.

After years of study, it was noticed that these organisms were rich in a pigment called W-OO 3500. This was responsible for their beauty at night and stealth at day. Their origin till date remains unknown, though early locals later attributed them to the ancient god of beauty, Ma-man.

It was on the premise of this, that scientists, for documentation purposes gave the organism a name based on a mix of the active pigment and the historical facts. Thus they named it “Woo-Man”!! That’s where the word “Woman” was coined.

Okay, I’m sure I got you there! All that was made up! #Lol.


So it has been the month of the women; from the International Women’s Day to Mother’s Day. Maybe something else comes up soon for them again.

But when we speak of the beauty of service in delivery and the like, we quickly make reference to them. It has been heard that customer service is a “lady’s” job! Ever wondered why people came up with that? Well permit me to state that it is a little obvious.

I would personally feel it is largely attributed to their colossal emotional capacity, their ability to be both emotive and objective at the same time.

This means we can never take away the application of true and deep seated emotions when delivering great service. Every service professional should take a cue or two from the ladies in being ‘sincerely happy” at seeing things work and “extremely angry” at poor service. If we all could do that a little bit more, then maybe our service experiences will be all better.

Thank you ladies for being naturally exceptional!

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