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Turns Out Ramsey Nouah Has Not Been ‘Hiding’ His Family

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By Oluwatobi Opusunju

Popular Nigerian Actor, Ramsey Nouah graces the cover of the latest edition of the Guardian Life.

In this latest issue, Ramsey talked most importantly about being a family man as an actor and why he’s scared of bringing his family in the limelight.

Contrary to what people have been saying that he is hiding his family, the actor explained that it’s more than that and he’s only avoiding his family from getting backlash as a result of his status.

“A whole lot of people think that you are hiding your family, no it’s not that. It’s more of the fact that that’s the thing that can bring sanity into the family.

“Even as we speak, certain people still know my kids and because of that, they suffer either a pat on the shoulder that your dad is a good player or a who’s that silly father of yours that thinks he is a good actor? As kids, sometimes they can’t handle it… they suffer hate speeches a whole lot more than when you give them appraisals.

“When you think about that and you still want to let everyone know about your family, you run a risk of having to explain every day to your kids and wife in situations, why they have to be a bit more accommodating, contained and more enduring. Not everyone can be as enduring and potentially have thick skin that we have developed over the years,” he explained.

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