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By 4lake

So on Monday, 11th of September 2017, NASU (Association for Non teaching staffs) UNILAG chapter decided to pay us a very big visit. The visit indeed was great. Immediately they entered school, they went for the power plant situated in the school and bam!
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Our ever precious light went off.

News traveled fast and as a sharp girl, I quickly fetched nine buckets of water (don’t give me that look, of course I don’t own nine buckets). Not long after the power outage, our water supply joined in the strike.

Eventually, we heard that NASU demonstrated and called for all non-teaching staff to join in the strike which ASSU started. All these hostel portals should kuku say they want to go on the same vacation our lecturers embarked on four weeks ago.  Which one is they want an improvement in services? What services biko?

Now something else is bothering me. I just read a WhatsApp broadcast which was attributed to NANS which happens to be National Association of Nigerian Students (everything in Nigeria has association now), saying that they want ASSU and NASU to always consult students before embarking on strike.

Hollup, maybe this students’ association might as well call for our own strike, right? But no, all these bored student leaders only prefer to make noise.

Quick question- Who would the government answer first ASUU or NASU? If the government answers ASUU first and leaves NASU, It means no library, no opening of faculties and department, no cleaners, no portals and no hostel (low key I cannot be coming to school from Ibadan).

Now I think going home would be the best alternative for me cause my pocket money has also joined in the strike and brokenness is calling unto me. If you are an Akokite and you are reading this post I have one- NO two- advice for you.

One, please go and learn a trade/go and work. Two, if you are old (I mean like very old) please go and get married.  God will not let our case be like one university that we all know that has been on strike for one year. I am glad to announce to you that some of the students of that school have transferred to UNIILORIN the only federal university that never embarks on strike (I even heard that they will soon join ASSU. I didn’t say anything oh).

My name is Folake and I’m a bored Akokite ready to rant and bant on every and anything.

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