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The Ghanaian MC, EL, who often refers to himself as the B.A.R (Best African Rapper) is out with a hot new album BAR 3, and right now, the one that is doing us is the single Drop, featuring Nigeria’s M.I and South Africa’s Khuli Chana.

The song comes with a power chant on the hook going WE DROP BOMBS ON EM, with follow up lines to complete the head bobbing sensation of a hip hop jam. EL led the charge, M.I took the second hook and King Chana closed the show.

Here are some Notable Quotables;




They tried to box my gift I had to make it out,

life is a money machine I got to make it count.




I got my under armor on so I do not worry

selling me hatred is like giving a chef curry


Khuli Chana


You don’t know the power that i Have

please don’t call it a comeback…like i left.

See, let’s not give it all away. Listen below.


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