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By Damilola Faustino

A good beard is a very special thing. It can make a man really look like a man, and worn correctly it can be one of the most effective parts of your style arsenal. But here are the real reasons guys grow beards. Guys, do you agree?


Women love it

This is one of the biggest reasons for growing out your beard. Women simply love it. This is because most guys who wear beards look good.

Beard looks cool

This should come as a shock to no one, beards look good on a lot of guys. Whether you’re going for a lighter, more groomed approach or just letting your beard run wild, you’ll at the very least make a more distinct impression when friends, family, or strangers notice you.

It makes you feel masculine

There’s something special about the feeling of having a full beard. It makes you feel more like a full-grown man whenever you look in the mirror. There are a natural ruggedness and toughness that is associated with men who have full beards.

It demands respect from others

Men with full beards have a certain air about them; a respectable, authoritative air.  There look is cultured and refined. It’s the look of the most interesting man in the world even if you are not.

It prevents acne

Another reason for not shaving and simply letting a beard grow long is because it irritates your skin. No matter what some guys do and whatever method they use to shave, it always ends up hurting their skin. So, it is better for them to grow and groom their beard.

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