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For our Nigerian Brethren (living in Naija) if you have seen Suicide Squad then you are clearly some evil tech genius that we should be very afraid of right now. As of today, the movie is only available in selected locations with early release.



But already critics are weighing in heavy on Suicide Squad with not-so-nice reviews, and one can only help but wonder what the ruckus is. After the apparent dissatisfaction that movies goers met at the cinema hall for Batman not killing Superman (LOL), it seems that DC’s follow up to the event has still failed to meet the expectations; with the key complaint being claiming “there wasn’t enough Joker”, and the narrative of Suicide Squad has apparently been turned to an illogical war movie; with super-powered humans shooting ordinary guns at people.

From what we’ve read/watched/stalked the main problem associated to the Suicide Squad movie has nothing to do with the movie itself and everything to do with the expectation of audiences, the director of the movie and the disconnect between the both. The best work that a writer and director can do is hope to meet the expectation of audiences while delivering the best on screen presentation they can. But just as we kinda knew that Superman wouldn’t use his heat vision to meal Batman’s heart out, Suicide Squad isn’t another Batman Joker arc now is it?




For comparison sake, Suicide Squad is what you get in the DC universe if you had Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Presumably, what you would expect is a case where each character would be developed fully and have their stories written into the plot. Reviews online claim that the characters were thinly written; with only a few characters like Deadshot and Harley Quinn getting most of the screen time. It’s clear that DC is trying really hard to do the reverse of what Marvel has done with their cinematic Universe by fleshing out the plot for each character in solo movies then “assembling” them in one movie, which isn’t totally illogical.

The director of a movie significantly influences the narrative that the movie will explore in general. When director David Ayer, famed for Fury, Training Day, End of Watch and Sabotage, came on board as writer and director of the movie we expected that the squad would go out guns blazing. The guess is that this didn’t happen as expected.

So here’s the thing, Suicide squad premiers this weekend. We will go see it and let you know what we reeeeeally think about it. In the mean time, let’s forget about the reviews and instead focus on the awesome unicorn dress that Margot Robbie wore to the premiere because it’s the actual definition of awesome.


Written by Abiodun Laaro

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