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By Damilola Faustino

Besides celebrating with the people who invite you to a party, there are so many other reasons why Nigerians attend parties. Parties are a fun way to interact and meet new people among other advantages, but there’s also the perk of free food. Check out some reasons why Nigerian parties are the best:

Nigerian party

You make friends

This can’t be disputed. This is one of the ultimate reasons why people attend parties- to meet new persons in a non-freaky, obviously platonic and coincidental sort of way. So many people have met their girlfriends and boyfriends at parties.

You learn how to socialize

If you are a very quiet person, attending parties will help you loosen up and socialise.  You will be comfortable in a crowd and it will force you out of your comfort zone, leading you to become a more social and open-minded individual.

Drinking is fun

Drinking can be a fantastic way to have fun, especially with new people and friends. You will let go the stress of the week and just relax with the people who make you laugh. There’s no harm in that. Plus it’s often free.

You expand your horizons

At parties, you tend to be presented with the opportunity to try new things and meet new people that you normally wouldn’t talk to. You will also expand your network.

You learn things about yourself.

You learn more about what you like and don’t like. You learn about your limits. You learn about how you react to certain situations. This is all valuable character building that you can use in your lifetime.

You’re never bored

Once you’re in the party scene, you can take a Friday night to relax with some friends and have fun.

The Amusement

There are a lot of amusing things at Nigerian parties. From the woman packing rice with eba and pounded yam and soup inside nylon, to the people on the dance floor, to the party crashers who look utterly out of place, Nigerian parties have to be the most amusing events to attend.

What did we leave out? Make your own list below…

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