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Several reasons exist why guys break up with their girlfriend and it ranges from the good, to the bad and the ugly.

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So we asked a wide selection of men and here are their responses:

– “She walked in and met me in bed with a girl that lived in my neighborhood. Months before the incident, she had been nagging me about the same girl so I knew this time hell would break loose. I wasn’t ready to deal with all the drama that would follow so I just ended it”. Micheal.

– “To be honest, I got really bored in my relationship after a while. We were basically just doing the same things over and over again. Every other day we would talk on phone, and on weekends she’d come over to hang out with me. It gets boring after a while”. (Try these fun date ideas) Uchenna.

– “We graduated from university the same year and even served together. A year after youth service she started pressurizing me to come with my family to see her people. Where was I supposed to get money for marriage rites from when I was still living with my parents and working as a teacher in a private secondary school?” J. Cole.

– “My girlfriend was too demanding and slowly turning me into money making mugu. It even got to a point that she felt she was entitled to part of salary, so I had to show her out”. Vicker.

– “Nike was the sweetest girl ever, and a good wife material to crown it all. Even though we loved each other deeply, I was yet to figure out the direction that my life would be headed. She had many suitors asking for her hand in marriage so I had to break up with her so I don’t end up wasting her time”. Adegoke.

– “Call me a gold-digger if you want, but when I met her, she gave off an impression that her parents are quite rich and she’d use their resources to help me. Six months into the relationship, nothing was yet to happen and all I got was story after story. Her time was up abeg”. Paul.

– “We were constantly fighting over one silly thing or the other. It got to a point that I couldn’t even joke with her again to avoid causing a quarrel. I became emotionally drained and had to quit the relationship save my sanity”. Chris.

– “I chased her for almost a year, and during that time why I couldn’t take my mind off her because she was drop dead gorgeous. Immediately she became my girl, she paid less attention to dressing, hardly wore make up and getting her to make her hair was war. So as she changed, so did I… It had to end”. Edward/

– “Ha! Her own was too much abeg! My ex wanted to talk to me morning, afternoon and night. I constantly her had messages in all my social media account waiting for me to reply, and not to mention the annoying tags on pictures”. Emmanuel.

– “She was always trying to fix me. Nothing I did was good enough until she made adjustments and corrections. So me I just adjusted myself and left”. Nosa.

So there you have it. There is always a reason things go wrong and sometimes they are valid, while other times… Not so much. Well, just keep these in mind as you search for your true love as nothing beats free lessons, from other peoples mistakes.

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Written by Treasure Asanamm

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