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By Damilola Faustino

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to money is thinking that the more you earn, the happier you will be. If you really want to buy yourself a more fulfilling life, it’s not how much money you earn that matters, but how you spend it. In line with this, we highlight five ways to change the way you think about money that will make you happier in the long-run.

You are letting yourself have too much of a good thing

When you’ve got unlimited financial resources, it may seem stupid to deny yourself simple pleasures that you’ve come to enjoy. But when you reach that point of material over-saturation, you could be killing the potential to make yourself any happier.

You are buying too many things

The internet has made it easy to get material things whether you have a deep pocket or not. However, if you recognised that you can be satisfied with a healthy dinner with friends than that new TV or new iPhone, it might change the way you shop.

You are too focused on getting more money

Sometimes, you get consumed by either working too hard to save money or working hard to earn more money that you don’t realise what really matters which is your time. The truth is you do not spend time to have a good time like go on vacation or getaway. Merely doing this will definitely make you happy!

You are investing too much in yourself and not enough in other people

The fact is if you make others happy or smile first, you will bring yourself happiness in the process. This is quite obvious, but you would be surprised that many of us forget this.