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When you lose your hair, you may be concerned because you think you won’t probably grow back. But there’s no need to panic.
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Instead, look to natural remedies and choose onion to help stimulate hair growth. Onion contains many antioxidants that are healthy for your hair and fight the loss of it.

onion juice

Helps prevent hair from going grey

Onion juice can fight the damage done to your hair by hydrogen peroxide used in processes like bleaching your hair. By fighting the damage, the onion juice prevents greying of your hair.

Boosts hair growth

When onion juice is massaged into the scalps, hair growth is stimulated after around six weeks. Even if you experience severe hair loss, just use onion juice to encourage it to grow.

Fights hair loss caused by inflammation

The flavonoids in onions have important anti-inflammatory properties that fight hair loss by reducing free radical damage. Red onions contain a higher concentration of one bioflavonoid,  which prevents hair loss due to an inflammatory response.

Boosts hair protein

Onions can produce proteins that strengthen sulfur that can help to stimulate hair regrowth by regenerating hair follicles. Your hair’s protein, keratin is made from a sulfur-rich amino acid. Onion juice can also provide this element to your hair.

By Damilola Faustino

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