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 It’s a new year ladies and you really need to consider switching to crochet styles, not only are they beautiful, they are super easy to install and you get the value for your money every single time.

crchet crochet

Here are a few reasons why you should consider crochet styles: 

  • Crochet styles protect your hair, it reduces shedding, breakage and other hair damage.
  • Compared to sew-in and weave-on, crochet styles are not expensive, and the great thing is they can be reused.
  • Most of the crochet styles out now require very little maintenance. And can be easily handled.

crchet 3crochet4

  • They are versatile, there are a lot of styles out now to choose from, ranging from faux locs, box braids, Senegalese twists and curls. You can never run out of options.
  • They do not take long to install, you spend less time at the salon and more time doing other important stuff. In fact they are so easy that you can install them yourself.
  • What I love most about crochet styles is they are painless compared to actual braids.

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