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Zendaya made history on Sunday by being the youngest black woman to win an Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama series. She won the Emmy winning for her role as Rue in HBO drama Euphoria, and no one was more excited for her win than her family and castmates, who took to social media to share their excitement and congratulations.

Storm Reid, who plays Rue’s little sister Gia, was so excited for Zendaya that she totally lost it when Zendaya was announced as the winner

Zendaya’s costars weren’t the only ones congratulating the actor on her monumental win, other celebs, including Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, Chloe x Halle, and Kehlani also joined in congratulating Zendaya for her big win.

Haven’t seen Euphoria yet? Here are three reasons why you should watch it:

1. Euphoria Talks About Serious Topics

Euphoria covers drug abuse, sexuality, domestic abuse, stalking, and many others. The show covers a lot of serious topics many high schoolers and young adults may experience without overdoing it. The show ensured to talk about these issues in a manner that is not overly dramatic, but instead, realistic. While there are plenty of people on social media accusing the show of being too extreme, drug addiction amongst teens and young people is still a reality and this show showed that.

2. The Diverse Cast

Keeping viewers riveted to the screen is the vibrant ensemble cast, which, in addition to Zendaya, Ferreira, Cloud, and Dane, features Storm Reid, (who recently starred in When They See Us); trans model turned actress, Hunter Schafer, who plays Jules, Rue’s best friend; Algee Smith ( from The Hate U Give), and other up-and-comers like Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, Sydney Sweeney, and Nika King. The characters in Euphoria are very complex and their stories incorporate many different socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds as well as challenges within their families and personal lives. You might even relate to one of them. Euphoria picked the perfect cast to play these characters.


2. The Soundtrack And Cinematography

The music in Euphoria is crazy good!  Filled with Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and all that good stuff, you can listen to the whole thing on Spotify or Apple Music! Full of thrilling shots throughout its 8 episodes, Euphoria also definitely gets points for the cinematography. The people responsible for it are Marcell Rév, Drew Daniels and Adam Newport-Berra.

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