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Written By Damilola Faustino

Taking the decision to travel solo to your favourite destination can be very difficult but adventurous. There are so many things you need to consider before you make that decision. The most important one is your security and safety. Regardless, it is essential for you to attempt solo travel at least once. So, whether you are thinking of going to the beach or on a weeklong road trip, here are reasons you should go on your own:


It is easier to plan 

Planning a trip on your own is very easy as you only need to factor in your own wants and needs for the trip.

You will be responsible for yourself

Since you are travelling on your own, you are responsible for your upkeep. You do not need to rely on anyone. This will make you more conscious when you go hiking unlike when you are with your friends. It is more than possible that you will go wild when you are travelling with friends.


This is one of the best reasons why you should travel solo. You have the freedom to do whatever and anything you like. There is no one stopping or preventing you!

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You will build your independence

Since you are able to take care of yourself when you travel solo, you will be very independent. You do not need to be around your friends always. This does not necessarily mean that you are ditching them.

You will meet new people

You are more likely to meet other solo travellers if you explore a destination without anyone.  This may not happen if you are always travelling with your friends. You will learn a whole lot of things from your fellow solo travellers.

You will not break the bank travelling

Travelling is very expensive. It is even more expensive when you travel in a group or with friends. But if you travel solo, you will definitely discover new places within your budget and you do not need to worry about overspending.

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