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At one point or another, most of us have grappled with guilt over taking a sick day when we totally weren’t sick. Hey, we’re imperfect humans, and sometimes the grind is more than we can bear, and a relentless case of the Monday blahs invariably bleeds over into other work days. Also, hangovers happen.

Unless you’re a stickler for only taking your paid sick days when you legitimately don’t feel well, chances are you’ve used either a spectacularly lame or utterly brilliant excuse for calling out of work. And that’s allowed, here are reasons why you should take sick days even when you’re not sick:

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You’re on the verge of a burn out

Going to work when you’re clearly on the brink of burning out doesn’t do much for your mental health. You may not be physically ill or unable to work, but ignoring the warning signs of an impending crash and burn could totally lead to you becoming sick. Take a sick day, stave off actual sickness, and keep your well-being intact.

You didn’t sleep well

In the event that your sick kid/spouse/pet kept you up all night, a severe storm blew in and interrupted your sleep or you simply lost a hard-fought battle with insomnia, not resting well is a good excuse to use a sick day every once in a while.

You’re On Your Period

Listen, until someone in charge comes to their senses and grants us all PPTO (paid period time off), we will continue to support employees skipping a day or two of work to deal with their cramps and bloating from the comfort of their own beds.

Severe Weather

When it comes to dealing with bad weather in traditional workplaces, the rules vary depending on the business. For instance, some employers are considerate enough to close the office for inclement weather (although you may have to miss out on pay or make up the day), while others will insist that you disregard Mother Nature’s temper tantrum and come to work anyway. Regardless, if you’re afraid of skidding on a patch of being caught in a terrible storm or terrified by the thought of traveling in torrential rain and whiteout conditions, take a sick day to ride out the bad weather.


This goes for family members, loved ones, and in our humble opinion, pets. Trying to get through your work day when you’re in such an emotionally vulnerable place is counterproductive and can disrupt the grieving process. Also, it may be a bit jarring to field questions from inquisitive and concerned colleagues when you haven’t had enough time to come to terms with the loss. In some cases, an employee can be so overcome with grief that handling their tasks at work becomes nearly impossible, which is more than enough reason to use a sick day.
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By: Dammy Eneli

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