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Summer is approaching and yes, clothing stores are thriving again, so here we are giving you a guide to what to wear and how to wear them this season. Our biggest recommendation right now, is the white blouse. Here’s why you should have the white blouse as a strong outfit this season:

white blouse

It is that one item in every woman’s wardrobe that can be easily overlooked, the quiet charms.

Of the biola-plain white shirt, understated, sophisticated. Its the ideal distillation of the grown up woman.


At the heart of this Season’s style, and a breath of fresh air from the flow dresses and the look at me beachwear. That does not mean it has to feel unimaginative. So try to look out for unusual and unique Silhouettes , and something new and creative that you could take to your local tailor. That’s one of the many joys of living in Africa especially Nigeria.

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