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A relationship can be an exciting part of a person’s life. It can be a way for a person to grow stronger, become closer to a partner and finally settle down in life. Unfortunately, a relationship can also cause stress and havoc. If you see the signs below in your own relationship, then it might be time to seek ways in which you can improve your relationship or to finally realize that you and your partner are not working out:


Overstepping boundaries

Setting boundaries and respecting each other’s boundaries are an important part of a healthy relationship. Without setting boundaries, partners will constantly overstep on each other’s “personal space” and this may cause the relationship to spiral out of control. Each partner in a relationship is responsible for their individual words, attitudes, values, bodies, emotions and preferences. Setting boundaries on what you are comfortable with and uncomfortable with in regards to these factors help the other partner avoid overstepping boundaries.

Neglecting your partner

One of the most common problems in a relationship is neglecting one another. This happens because numerous factors in each individual’s life start to occupy them, and can get in the way of spending time with the other partner. When this happens, the couple can start to draw away from each other and they can become emotionally disconnected, leading to further problems. Facing these problems together can help to reduce neglect and bring you closer to each other.

Eye Rolling

While this may seem like complete nonsense, eye rolling, especially while arguing with each other, has been proven to be a relationship breaker. Eye rolling usually means that one partner disagrees with the other, they are frustrated with what the other partner is saying or they do not respect the other partner. This can cause the other person to feel like their partner doesn’t care about them. They can also feel disrespected and insulted.


Emotional manipulation can have a serious impact on a relationship and even on an individual’s life. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be “undercover” and hard to recognize, but still, have negative effects on one partner if the other one is manipulating them. Common signs that you are being manipulated in your relationship include your mood being dependent on your relationship’s state, being unhappy most of the time, feeling as if your relationship is extremely complex, and never being sure of where you and your partner are really standing at in your relationship at any given moment.

Emotional Abuse

An abusive relationship doesn’t necessarily mean one partner physically hurts the other. Sometimes, abuse comes in an emotional form that hurts the other partner mentally. This can also have a significant negative impact on the individual’s health—both physically and mentally. This, however, can also sometimes be hard to recognize as love is often thought to cause a partner to be blinded to signs of emotional abuse. Some common signs that you are being emotionally abused include: your partner is constantly embarrassing you in front of other people and your partner refuses to effectively communicate with you.

By Damilola Faustino

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