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Your party attendance is legendary. You attend birthdays, weddings, house warming and other events. At each of these events, you get truckloads of gifts. In fact, your home is overflowing with gifts. The best option you have is to regift the unwanted ones. You don’t just regift indiscriminately. There are regifting rules you must follow. We share some of the rules. Besides, doing this will save you money because you do not need to keep buying gifts for every event you attend.

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Get rid of any evidence

This is perhaps the first thing you should do. You should remove any evidence or name tag that reveals that the gift was given to you by another individual. It can be awkward if there is evidence that the gift you are sharing was gifted to you.

Ensure it is not damaged

This is why you should handle the gift with care so that it won’t be broken or damaged. If you notice any damage or the seals are broken, you should not regift such.

Replace the wrap

If the wrap of a gift is torn, the best you can do is to replace it. Do not regift a gift whose wrap is messy. Plus, really just replace the wrap regardless of its condition, because what if the person that gave it to you in those wraps sees it at this other event. Awkward.

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Don’t regift in the same social circles

You risk exposing yourself if you regift a gift with a friend you are in the same social circle. Someone will notice it and call you out. Just regift to distant friends who are organising a party or event.

Pay attention to the expiration date

Do not regift any gifts that will soon expire or have expired.

Keep the gift if you don’t remember who gave it to you

You don’t want to gift the person who gave you the gift. So if you do not remember, just don’t regift. Otherwise you risk giving it back to whoever gave it to you in the first place.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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