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REKANA’s Inspirational Collaboration With MASKS & MO

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More and more stores are making masks amid the pandemic. One of which is Masks & Mo.

Sharon Ojong, the owner of Rekana,

released a statement to the effect of the collaboration between the store and Masks & Mo.

” As a collective (@rekana.co), we do not like waste. We’ve been working with @masksandmo, repurposing our leftover fabrics to encourage zero waste, and provide for families whose livelihood has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

This is a laudable cause from business owner Sharon who decided that instead of these remnants contributing to landfill space and wastage, why not use them for a good cause.

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As we all know, the Covid-19 cases are skyrocketing in Nigeria, therefore the provision of masks, for health care workers and everyday individuals, has become extremely essential, now more than ever.

As the creative director of Rekana.Co, and being the savvy entrepreneur and stylist that she is, Sharon Ojong’s goal is to empower her fellow Nigerians and to give back as much as possible.

The production of these fiercer-than-average masks will occur thanks to a collaboration between her ready to wear brand Rekana.co and faceguard brand- Masks & Mo.

40% of each mask that is purchased would be shared equally into three funds;

-The fund to make more masks; The focus here is to increase supply to meet the ever-increasing demand for face masks.

-The fund supporting the feeding and buying of essential household items for the tailors and families in Nigeria who have lost their livelihood and income due to the Coronavirus.

-The fund that ensures worthy donations to hospitals around the nation.

The Fiercer-Than-Average Masks

Our first release features breathable lightweight fabrics made of silk and chiffon from our Animalistic Ferocity collection with the following features;

– Breathable lightweight fabric made of silk and chiffon layers
– Elastic straps around ears covered in cloth to prevent long-wear lines
– Reusable and sufficient to protect us in public places
– Orders above 3 pieces and above
– 20% of each purchase would go into feeding, making more masks and essential household needs of families who have lost their livelihood and income due to Corona.

Elastic straps around ears covered in cloth to prevent long-wear lines.


Custom fabric face masks N2000

Pack of 4 pieces N7,500

Pack of 10 pieces N14,000

Delivery charges apply


These masks are not replacing surgical masks

but will help to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus and provide hospital staff with adequate protection as they are at the frontline of this crisis.

Sharon’s goal is to make 10,000 masks to donate throughout the community and we wish her well.

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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