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Written by Ogundemuren Ruth

Instagram : @demuren_ruth

University life…

This is the stage when it dawns on you that you either knew how to save or you need to learn now. There just seems to be a lot of needs and an uncountable number of WANTS.

I need good and plenty food.

I need a sandal and a bag.

I need to pay my dues.

I need, I need, I need gradually turns to I want, I want, I want. Until the money is all gone and most times, you cannot account for all of it.

University life…

The stage it dawns on you that it is beyond the theories you are taught in class and now, also about gaining PRACTICAL experience. There just seems to be a lot of classes, programmes and NO time at all.

I have classes at this time.

I was so tired, I forgot to sign up.

It is still too early.

I don’t have time at all.

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. That is all we give until the time is gone.

University life…

You can make it a time when it dawns to you to learn actively. Learn to save. Learn to stop giving excuses. Learn to plan. Learn to organize yourself. Learn to make schedules. Learn from lectures. Learn from the internet. Learn from friends. Learn something new. Learn to expand. Learn from seminars and trainings.

Just learn… And learn positively…


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