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Written By Damilola Faustino

Lagos traffic can be so unbearable, because we all know that there is nothing concrete causing the traffic, besides the reckless Danfos. These so-called Yellow buses have devised various means to navigate traffic and this can be very dangerous at times. I’m sure you can relate with some of these ways:

Driving against traffic

This is really abnormal and it has led to the untimely death of a number of Lagosians. These Danfos immediately they notice a little traffic, they take one way. Shockingly, while driving against traffic, they over speed. This has resulted in fatal accidents. Such drivers should undergo a psychological test to ascertain if they are okay.Thankfully, the Federal Road Safety Corps has started this. There is no excuse for driving against traffic no matter how heavy it may be and lead to serious auto crashes.

Not waiting for traffic light

You would think that Lagosians and Nigerians now obey traffic rules since we are no longer in the 1980s. No, they disregard the traffic light and continue driving. This is not restricted to Danfos alone but also the private cars that are supposed to know better. They usually do this if a traffic official is not present. Ignoring the traffic light will only worsen the traffic.

Driving on pavements

The pavements are meant for pedestrians to work. Perhaps these drivers do it on purpose or it is a lack of knowledge about traffic rules, they drive on these pavements. Where do they expect the pedestrians to work? They even throw tantrums at the pedestrians to get them off the pavement.

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