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Due to the overwhelming abundance of romantic movies out there, we’ve all come to expect a certain fairy tale when it comes to romance. You know, the one where there’s an Indian song playing in the background and both lovers are running towards each other in slow motion. In our bid to have a perfect relationship, we follow relationship myths that shouldn’t even exist in the first place. Here are some myths you need to debunk for a healthy, long lasting relationship.

Love your partner unconditionally


“She doesn’t like deodorant. But damn it, I love her!” 

Sweetheart sorry o but there are some qualities that are disgusting and impossible to love! I mean, who can relate with me. The trick here, especially if you are in marriage (let’s assume after months of having a decent discussion about the issue) is to learn to shrug it off and pay no attention to these habits. For a singleton, watch out for those qualities and carefully consider if you can deal with them before saying ‘I do’.

Things will happen effortlessly, no work required

Love lift

Forget muscle, it’s love he’s using to lift her. Obviously. 

Hian! Please wake up. For anything to function at all, a degree of work/effort needs to be in place. This is the same for every relationship, work is required. You need to remember birthdays, anniversaries, give attention, be the shoulder to cry on…bla bla bla. Gradually, this form of ‘relationship work’ helps us become selfless and responsible.

My Relationship, My Happiness


That ‘boy, what are you even doing here’ look? That’s black girl love. 

Brothers and Sisters do not believe this lie, your happiness comes from within and not without. If you have no self-love or worth no one will ever make you happy. You owe it to yourself to wake up each day and be happy with the life you are living, not emotionally living off your partner like a leach. Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t go to your partner in downtimes for an uplift. I am saying that if you expect your partner to be the source of your happiness every time, you are becoming unfair and draining him/her.

The sign of love is jealousy


Little does he know that camera is for both selfies and espionage

If there’s one myth that baffles me the most, it’s this one. I honestly laugh when I hear people comply. Jealousy is not a sign of love people. It can never be a sign of love! Jealousy is simply what it is- a sign of insecurity and feeling unworthy. For all the time you spend tailing your partner, channel it into building your self-confidence and sense of worth.

Know other relationship myths? Do drop your comments.

Written by Kike Olowu

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