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The whole of last week was heavy, due to the death of George Floyd, and despite the Covid-19 pandemic, many turned to the streets to use their voice to cry out against racist attacks.

As usual, people must always find a way to push their own agenda

Cue in the looters who disguised to be a part of the protests only to discover that their motive was to steal, kill and destroy…

As a true conspiracy theorist, I believe that this was a part of the White supremacists plan to make back people look violent and like pretenders who claim to be fighting for their rights, meanwhile, we can’t even control ourselves from engaging in anti-social activities.

I say this because, even though these are hugely underreported, so many peaceful protests have been organized by black kings and queens in America

Such George Floyd protests have occurred in many parts of the States

But the minute White bigots started getting uncomfortable with the protests,

The black protesters were tagged as ‘thugs’ and every vile name in the book.

Another attempt to make black people look small and paint them out to be violent.

All this is a story for another day but in the meantime for our readers based in LA, these are some stored that have been forced to shut down not just because of the COVID-19 pandemic but also because of the ‘violent’ rioters disguised to be George Floyd protesters.





Every other luxury retailer situated on Rodeo Drive

(Rodeo Drive)

It is my hope that all this comes to a close soon and we go back to some sense of normalcy Lord!

*resounding Amen.

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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