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A violent guy is a violent guy. You cannot do anything about it. He will abuse you emotionally and physically with reckless abandon. The fact is he will show clues or signs that he is violent. However, many ladies tend to ignore and stay on. This is not good. Apart from the bruises and the black eyes, it will lower your self-esteem. What is the essence of a relationship if you lose your dignity, worth, and pride? Here are signs he is violent and if you notice any of these signs, please RUN!Ā šŸƒ


He doesn’t respect your opinions

When you express your opinion, he takes it with a pinch of salt and he also belittles you for your values and beliefs. Clearly, the day you express an opinion that is different from his, he may likely lose it. You should be free to express your opinion in a relationship.

He has unrealistic expectations

He does not understand that both of you are different and that he has to accept the differences. As a result, he expects you to meet all his emotional and domestic needs. If you do not meet these standards or make any mistakes, his outburst will simply shock you.

He treats animals and children badly

He is insensitive to the pain of animals and children. He punishes them for little things that can be overlooked and treats bed badly. Imagine locking a dog for days without feeding him or a little child bed wets and he beats him/her to stupor. Very soon he will treat you the same way.

He has aĀ past of batteringĀ 

If you can find out from his past relationships whether he is an abuser or not, Ā it will really help. Also, if he beats a woman publicly in your presence, it is a clear sign. You do not need to be told.

He is a male chauvinist

Men are superior to women. Their place is in the kitchen. They must stay at home to take care of the children, They must not drive. Haaa…you will be in prison if you date such a person.


You have no freedom and he limits your phone use

He does not trust you. Hence, he does not give you any freedom. He calls you almost every minute to enquire about your whereabout and ask you to give the phone to people around you. What is that? You cannot use your phone around him and most times he is checking your phone. He is just insecure!

He threatens violenceĀ 

He says “I’ll slap you,” but then jokingly dismisses it with “I really didn’t mean it.” If he says this repeatedly, a day will arrive he will eventually slap you. Do not dismiss violent threats.

He verbally abuses you

You are ugly, you stupid, are you mad? He reigns curses and abuses on you just because you are dating him. It is just a relationship. What about when you marry him?

He puts you down

You love someone, you are supposed to encourage and help the person achieve their dreams. But no, he makes you cry almost daily. You are completely lost. Please, thisĀ is not love. You have to summon the courage and quit no matter how much you love him.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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