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Revive Your Dry Sanitized Hands Courtesy This Magic Lotion

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CookieSkin is the home for all pro-melanin protective cosmetics and this particular hand lotion in their skincare range is one that has been known to work wonders.

Therefore, once our beauty editor discovered that the item was on sale, there was no way this info was to be kept from you.

The Harsh Effect Of Sanitizing Gels To Our Hands

Some sanitizing gels contain aloe and other moisturizing properties to keep palms moist and tender,

However, a whole lot more, are strictly alcohol-oriented, and constant use on hands leads to dryness or irritation.

The Added Benefit of A CookieSkin Hand Lotion

The use of an effective hand lotion keeps hands looking and feeling their best, this one has quite a unique feel that does not leave hands greasy.

It contains a unique formulation of high-quality ingredients, including brightening antioxidant vitamin C, protective mineral sunscreen, and hydrating healing nutrients.


If you purchase online, you can cop this cream for a discount within the September Self Care Sale!

For best results;

Apply a small amount of hand lotion to your hands at midday and at the end of the workday.

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By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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