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Rhoda Ebun Sizzles Through 30 Days Of Made In Nigeria

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Rhoda Ebun is making a case for Made In Nigeria pieces

through her 30-day  Wear Nigerian Challenge.

The reason behind the project

Amidst the unrest and unique standing of fashion in Nigeria, due to the deterred economy, the principal fashion consultant at Rose and Thorns Fashion Company refuses to relent when it comes to building and defining fashion brands.

 I believe that the fashion industry needs continuous support, and instead of maybe complaining of the lack thereof, how about using my ’small platform’ to spotlight these brands in the little way that I can.

When it came to using her voice and platform to inspire change, she did so in 30 exquisite ways by rocking Nigerian products from head to toe for 30 consecutive days.

‘I’ve always been a supporter of ‘Made in Nigeria’; not only that, as a brand consultant, I work a lot with emerging fashion brands; helping them to build and define their brand.’

When asked about the result of her MADE IN NIGERIA challenge she states;

Thankfully, the visibility of this project has been good and so I might just do it again.


The aim of this project

It is important to note that all items are ‘Made in Nigeria’ and not just Nigeria owned; thereby supporting an industry of artisans and materials made and sourced in Nigeria.

The aim of this project is not only to spotlight and support evolving fashion brands, it is also to further push the ‘Made in Nigeria/ Buy Nigeria’ narrative and at the same time encouraging fashion brands to create pieces that the average and less than average earner can afford.


With this shoot, I’ve been able to show that everything from work wear to leisure to social wear can be sourced here in Nigeria, I believe is one the best ways to support and grow a dwindling economy especially in harsh economic times like this.



Dot Fashions

41 Luxe

Mai Factory

Mona Mathews

Bash House of Denim

Melia By Jade


Ako Fashiona

Joke Tade

Aivory Designs

Ella Seams

Kieva Adesuwa

Mezzi Leroy

Femi Handbags

Aqube Footwears


Photography: Kola Oahlusi & Olupitan Olusanya




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