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The soul/jazz musician has the following to say as regards his fashion sense, music content and plans;

On what inspired the song ‘Gentleman’, Ric explains that it’s based on a true story about a friend who is in an abusive relationship with a guy and that he even had to tone the visual interpretation of the song to make it presentable.

I want to be a worldwide artist that’s from Africa, not an African artist trying to take his music worldwide,” the singer says

Love is a message that will never go out of style. People are always looking for love or are in love with God or religion, or their dog, there’s always some kind of love in there till the end of time, so I just think it’s a message that will be around forever and it can cut across all languages”, Hassani says.

He speaks more on the goals behind his music career as it having to pass across a message, how he mixes fashion with his music, his style of music and more.
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Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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