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Rihanna, wore a double-breasted khaki suit, exaggerated in its oversize proportion, rolled up sleeves and paired with white stilettos to the 69th Annual Parsons Benefit.


Surprisingly, she was being honoured for her work both as a designer and for promoting social good.

Her suit was designed by Matthew Adams Dolan, a bright young Parsons alumnus whose work was championed by Rihanna.

According to the music icon:

“I have A.D.D., even when it comes to fashion, so I always want to find something new, energetic, something that provokes something in me that’s exciting.

“There are the greats, and they’ll never not be great, but you always want to find the next—and tonight is all about that.”


The singer announced a new partnership with designer Donna Karan to unite their humanitarian efforts.

When asked what she would love to study if she is a student of parson, she said:

“I mean, only fashion, duh. I’m not as brilliant as some of these students here, but I would definitely try to fit in with the fashion students. Fabric is key. Very important stuff.”

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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