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By Damilola Faustino

Rihanna and Puma are reportedly facing some legal trouble. According to court documents, Freedom United Clothing is suing the platinum-selling singer for copyright infringement.

rihanna puma

Freedom United claims RiRi ripped off their “FU” logo for her Fenty University merch. On the company’s website, it says they filed the registration for the trademark in 2006 and renewed it in 2014.

Freedom United also says RiRi  — Puma’s creative director and brand ambassador — was aware of an existing FU logo because she was photographed in one of their hoodies in 2014. In 2007, her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown showed up at Freedom United’s launch party.

The company fired off a cease and desist letter back in January. Puma responded with a letter of its own and insisted the Fenty University logo wasn’t a rip-off because it’s written in a different font. Puma added FU is not a unique trademark.

Freedom United is suing PUMA for an order prohibiting future sales and damages.

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