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In the mourning spirit that Chester’s death has left us all in, it is only right that we take a moment to share some of the most memorable Linkin Park songs of all time, and marvel at the vocal spectacles he brought us.

For this list we are looking at the most sound defining songs by Linkin Park, with fair consideration to mainstream appeal and public reception. Now wipe that tear, and let’s count.

10. New Divide

The official soundtrack for Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. New Divide is one of those LP specials with Chester riding the entire vocals and the man Rob going wild on the drums.


9. Heavy

This is the hot new 2017 piece with which the band swung back into action, as the first single off their 7th studio album One More Light. Its a heartfelt expression of anxieties and the difficulties of coping with them. Chester’s vocals came complimented by Kiiara’s untamed release of notes and notes and notes.


8. Burn It Down

It was 2012, and the album was Living Things. This song could have you throwing things and itching to hop on a stage and smash a guitar to pieces while screaming along to ”WE CAN’T WAIT…TO BURN IT TO THE GROUND”’


7. Somewhere I Belong

This was one of those songs with the 100% core Linkin Park structure. Rap verses from Mike Shinoda, chorus by Chester, a bridge by Chester, and an explosion of instrumentals to close the track. Somewhere I Belong was one of the richest tunes on the 2003 Meteora album.


6. What I’ve Done

The first single we heard off the Minutes To Midnight album in 2007. This Linkin Park return came with the almost subtle delivery of Chester’s vocals, but those thumping instrumentals and the relentless guitar string in the background  made it an audio furnace.


5. Castle Of Glass

Another one from the Living Things album. Castle Of Glass is an almost sound redefining tune that had Linkin Park taking a new direction. The sound was an adventurous steer towards what is not a usual Linkin Park vibe, but when Chester’s vocals kick in……..it brings everything back to the feel of 2007’s Minutes To Midnight.


4. Leave Out The Rest

This is one of the few times that Chester kept his scream levels to a bare minimum (which is still pretty high by regular singer standards). Leave Out All The Rest is another Minutes To Midnight classic, with an ending so heartfelt and watered down that you wish they would flip it back and start over.


3. Crawling

You’ll never find a Linkin Park countdown without this song somewhere in it. Crawling was Chester and M. Shinoda announcing to the world that they were here to make a statement. A statement with Chester screaming his vocals and M. Shinoda furiously lacing his one liners. It was the debut album Hybrid Theory, and if you never heard it, please do yourself a divine favor. Watch out for this line Without a sense of confidence, I’m convinced that there’s just too much pressure to take.


2. Numb

Even before the Collision Course between Linkin Park and JAY -Z ( Numb/Encore) came about and reshaped the fusion of Rock and Hiphop, Numb was already a therapeutic hit single. This song was the anthem for every youth who found themselves in a struggle to conform to society or family’s dictatorship. And its one of the reasons an all time favorite album of many will always be Meteora.


1.  In The End

What else could be number 1? Other than the song that started it all. It was the 4th single off the debut album Hybrid Theory, but for some reason, In The End was arguably the most powerful song on the project. It solidified the format of M. Shinoda dropping well thought out rap verses, while Chester brings the hook and totally kills the  Bridge. To every core Linkin Park fan who has been there from the beginning, this is the ultimate anthem. #RIPChester

If we left any of you favorites out, please let us know in the comments.


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