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Written by Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

Aniebietabasi Ekong is a young Nigerian whose level of creativity is an indigenous trail in the world of art.

Going by the name ‘Baddieani’, he is a futuristic artist who makes simple, colorful and exciting portraits that can only be better appreciated by experiencing the itself.

In an interview, he told CNN about the origin of his art and brand.

“I was taking the train with some friends in Toronto and one of them started taking pictures of me at different stops, posing in random corners. One friend hadn’t seen me for a while and while she was taking the pictures, she said ‘guy you are bad oh! ahan baddie, ani.’ Then I told her to repeat what she just said and I liked the sound of the name and the way it made me feel. All my life I had been shying away from taking pictures and inspiring the world with original style, but that moment on the train when we were arguing about how to spell the newly created name, baddieani, gave me the confidence to embrace this skill.”

He spoke further about his amazing unconventional art and style inspiration.

“There are so many amazing ways to dress up, but trends make the public look down on other styles that may not be considered “in fashion” at the time. For the most part, I disagree with trends. Ultimately, my art is trying to make people see the beauty in themselves, to hold on to that, and try to better themselves,” he said.

Baddieani is currently a student of the Rhode Island School of Design in America.

Photo credit: Instagram.

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