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On the 13th of April 2020, Nigerian rising star Ahmed Abdulmalik Adebisi, popularly known as Bizzonthetrack, released arguably his biggest project yet titled ‘Bisikuti’. Earning positive reviews and leaving fans asking for more, he went a step further to release ‘BisiKuti Deluxe’ (stream here), the deluxe version of the project, which propelled him further into the limelight, grabbing the attention of a wide audience and adding a masterpiece to his beautiful discography.

“I’m grateful for progress but the dream is quite huge and these are just baby steps to those ends,” he says, when asked about how he felt surpassing 250,00 streamss on Audiomack alone and also getting featured on an Apple Music playlist. A sign that he’s totally unfazed by the little success achieved and has a larger picture and aim in the years to come.

An alternative Afro singer, and also a visual creative director, Bizzonthetrack got to seat with us to discuss his goals in the industry, what’s next for him, and how #Bisikuti came about. Check out the interview below.


How did you start making music?

I started this music thing as a rapper back in Ilorin, 2016. Prior to that I used a couple of years earlier to write songs off SoundCloud beats, cause I couldn’t afford a real session. But we thank God for growth now.

So it’s always been music? Or you tried your hands on other things before picking music?

It has always been music for me. I used to produce too, but I stopped when I met my producer (@producawa on twitter) in 2016. We’ve been making music together ever since.

Did you stop producing cause of your producer or solely to focus on being an artiste?

He’s a great producer, and at that time i wasn’t really as good as I am right now. So I needed more time to focus on my transition from being a rapper to a singer.

What was the inspiration behind the transition?

I discovered that rap music is actually hard and I used to mark hard-core rap music, people wanna listen to what they can actually relate too, which are melodies.

That means you’re extremely versatile and can hop on any genre?

I’ll eat up anything, as long as I like the storyline or the vibe that comes along with it.

How would you describe the kind of music you make?

It’s called “Alternative Afro”, which is a blend of Alternative music and Cultural African music.

What was the inspiration behind your latest project: ‘Bisi Kuti’?

Bisi Kuti was put together bit by bit, to display the intricate themes hidden in sounds and rhythms. Each track becoming a sequel to the previous. The lyrics paint the scenes I’ve witnessed, illustrating these themes of love, life, quest for greatness and relevance, the gift of nature and the intoxicating resins from nature.

Do you have a favorite song on the project?

Yes, Shoda.

Any reason why?

Yeah, I wrote it for my ex two years ago. That’s pretty much why.


You recently surpassed 250,000 plays on Audio Mack and you also got featured on an Apple Music playlist, how would you describe these achievements?

I’m grateful for progress but the dream is quite huge and these are just baby steps to those ends.

How would you describe your experience in the music industry so far?

There’s basically nothing like an industry till you get yourself popping, so it’s basically you putting yourself out there till you get heard.

And how have you managed to tackle that? Also considering you’re an independent act.

Years of constant hardwork and resilience. It’s harder as an independent act cos I barely have the funds but I have my ways of getting heard even though the returns aren’t massive yet.

Who would you say inspires you musically?

Every young artiste out there making good music inspire me. Big ups to them.

What was your first stage performance like?

There was a whole lot of stage fright, wasn’t the worst too but it got better.

What show was it?

I think it was Dremos Tour 2017, was pretty good to be honest.

Who are the artistes you’d like to collaborate with on your next projects?

Wandecoal, Vector, MI. I love them.

What would you say your main goal with your music is?

Becoming the most streamed African artist by 2025.

Do you have a message to pass across to people right now?

I want them to know that I’m always working hard to make them proud and make them happy. And I also need everybody to check out my most recent project #BisiKutiDeluxe, it’s amazing. God bless.

Get to know Bizzonthetrack better, you can follow him on social media @BizzonthetrackK.

By: Muyiwa Aguda

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