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Chimzy is an Afro-pop fusion artiste who grew up in Nigeria but currently resides in the US. With a distinctive style and sound, Chimzy has been on a rise since releasing his debut EP, ‘True Self’ back in 2018 which was a huge success.

Two years later, the talented artiste now has two stellar projects under his belt, and has worked with some of the new generation stars like Joey B, PsychoYP and more. Chimzy has also released a video for his very conscious single ‘Nobody Send’, further pushing his career to greater heights.

Heavily inspired by superstars like Burna Boy, Mr Eazi, Lil Wayne, Kodak Black and more, Chimzy isn’t one to shy away from experimenting new sounds and creating music which transcends borders in a bid to make his music a global force.

We got to speak to Chimzy on his lifestyle, his latest single, his music career and many more. Check out the interview below.

You’ve come a long way since you kicked off your career in 2016, would you say you’re proud of where you’ve gotten to?

Yeah, I’m definitely proud of where I’ve gotten to, but I’m also very aware that a lot of work still needs to be done to fully achieve what I set out for.

And what’s your main aim with your music?

I’m trying to be global with it, trying to take it to the greatest heights and inspire people along the way.

So tell us, who is Chimzy?

My full name is Chimzaram Omeni-Nzewuihe. I grew up in Abuja, Nigeria before moving to the US for college in 2015. I had been making music as a hobby back in secondary school with my friends, but decided to take it seriously in 2016.

Ever since then, I’ve been releasing music, doing shows, putting out music videos. Majority of my presence has been in the US for the last 3 years, cause that’s where I’m located for school and international travel can be complicated sometimes (laughs). I’m about to be done with school in a few months and I’ll be able to fully commit myself to the music, with more time in my hands.

Is there a plan in place to try and build a bigger fan base back in Nigeria, considering you’ve spent most of your music career in the US.

I plan on being more present during the times that matter. That’s summer and Christmas period. I still have a following back in Nigeria, I just haven’t been able to be physically present to capitalize off it. So now I’m gonna start being there more. My team and I have something major that I would’ve loved to use to answer this question but I gotta save that for when it’s ready.

You have a different style of fusing different sounds into creating your music, how would you personally describe your sound?

I’d say the best term for my music is Afro-fusion. Cause it’s literally a fusion of sounds with the predominant influence being African culture. I listen to all kinds of music and I’m always learning from them which in turn influences my sound.

Who are the artistes you grew up listening to? And did they have any influence in shaping your sound?

It’s been a lot of influences along the way cause I’ve loved music my whole life. When I was much younger, I’d say Lil Wayne really sparked my love for music. Burna boy for sure, ever since his “Firewood” days. Then there was a period when Kodak black, Mr. Eazi and Bronski Beat were really influencing my sound. If I start the list to be honest I won’t stop (laughs), but yeah that’s just to name a few.

So what was the process behind “Chimzy Vol. 1”?

“Chimzy Vol. 1” is a collection of songs that I felt went well together but wasn’t necessarily a cohesive project. I really just felt like giving people a bunch of dope songs they can hold onto, just to kick off what I intended on making an eventful year for my music.

Did the pandemic have any effect on the project?

Yeah for real it did. The pandemic starting soon after it was released didn’t really give me the space to promote it how I would’ve liked to. I haven’t been able to perform the songs at any shows or even have them playing in the club and other things alike.

You have a new single out today, what was the inspiration behind the new single?

Really it was an “in the moment” kinda vibe. Banx sent me the beat, and I had just hopped out the train and headed to the gym when I listened to it and the lyrics came to me.

“Yes o! Yes o! Bad man coming out the ghetto” cause I just hopped off the train and where I lived at the time wasn’t so much of a good area (laughs).

What has been your most challenging song to make?

Most definitely ‘Tornado’. The vibe I was going for was very delicate and had to be delivered as precisely as possible.

Who was the producer behind the tune?

It was produced by my boy Banx, who’s also from Abuja and it was mixed and mastered by Tyler Unland, who has multiple Grammy nominated tracks and multi-gold/platinum records to his name.

Do you have a favourite producer to work with?

Not necessarily. But a few I’ve worked with so far and have a working relationship with are Banx, Ola Bassey & D3j. And a special shout out to Jaylon & Jabani, those are two producers I hope to continue working with in the long run.

Listen to Chimzy’s latest single ‘Tornado’ here and reach out to him on social media @_chimzy



By Muyiwa aguda

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