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Fresh off the fresh release of his new single ’Lowo’ featuring Zarion Uti and Chordratic, Chuks Profound has proven to be one of the next best things in the Nigerian music industry. Making steady moves, climbing the stairs of the industry and gradually breaking into the music market, Profound is out to prove why a lot of music enthusiasts, regard him as one of the front runners in the music evolution. 

Not a newcomer to the industry, with relatively underground success, coupled with a distinctive sound and a successful debut EP Daddy Knows Best, with a couple of hit singles under his belt, Profound has been able to tell his story via his music, and help shine a light on new acts. 

 Profound sat with Accelerate TV to speak about his journey in the music industry, and his creative process. 


How would you describe your first music experience? 

Hmm, I’d say my first musical experience was when I first heard Chris Brown’s “Kiss Kiss” back in 2007, and I really tried so hard to sing along. It was so bad, I tried to make a verse to that song, cause it was my favorite record at the time and it made me fall in love with the music craft, since then I looked forward to being a part of it.

That led to you beginning to write music?

Yes!!!. I eventually started writing music which weren’t any good if I’m being honest (I was singing mostly). Then in 2011, I eventually tried my hand on rap when I heard my favorite artist Chris Brown rap on ‘I’m illy’ and surprisingly I was really good at it and I’m certain that’s when it clicked that this was what I wanted to do for life.

Chris Brown was definitely the artist that inspired you then.

There are 3 artists that literally inspired my whole music journey; Chris Brown, Tyga & most especially J. Cole. If I could ever pick an artist to work with, it’s definitely J.Cole, that’s a no brainer.

So music has always been your first love?

Music has always been my first love, as long as I remember to be honest. Even when I wasn’t trying to be an artist,  it was the only thing that made me feel a certain way and had so much influence on my moods.

How do you describe music and relate to it?

I see music as a means of communication, sometimes it’s the best way I can express myself fully and most times learn from. It’s why I’m very picky with what I listen to because it affects my mood, for instance a “feel good” medley has the power to lift my mood from 0-100 in the matter of minutes and vice versa and that is very powerful.


Your debut EP ‘Daddy Knows Best’ has a lot of stories in it, what inspired the EP?

“Daddy Knows Best” was inspired by true events, the harsh and sometimes pleasant realities I’ve been facing. I titled it ‘Daddy Knows Best’ cause it’s coming from a place of lecturing and guidance, almost like I’m a father guiding the listeners.

That must have created a bit of reaction from listeners, how has the reception been?

It’s been incredible to be fair. The fact that people relate to it is refreshing, cause that was the whole intent of the tape. It’s real life situations and people connecting to it the way they are is total bliss for me.

Do you have a personal favorite off the EP?

Yes, “White Elephant” because that’s also my most personal record, speaking about the tragedies of close friends and touching on my insecurities with a clear message of hope and resurgence, it resonates so deeply with me.

Your sound is evidently unique, how were you able to create that?

Thank you very much. I think basically what I try to do is paint a vivid picture with every song/verse. That’s what definitely stands out.

What gets you in the zone to make or write music?

Honestly, it’s a bit of a reactionary thing cause I get inspired by day to day activities. For instance, something could happen to me right now that makes me happy or really angry and my first intent would be to write a verse about it.

You must have a producer that understands you best then. 

Chordratic Beats, the man is a genius and a monster. Someone I’d love to work with is definitely GMK.

Your brother Haywire also makes music. How does it feel having a brother in the music industry?

The industry is quite tough and having a brother doing this with me makes it easier cause we get to rub minds on ideas to push our craft forward, we learn from each other with each individual release. I study his strategies and vice versa, to be fair it really helps. And when creating music we work together as well and it’s really bliss.

Are you currently up to anything asides music?

I recently graduated from university and I’ve been working on a couple of things, which will be brought to light soon and I’d be able to share with you guys.

We should definitely be expecting a new project soon then?

Working on that men. By God’s Grace, my new mixtape will be dropping this year, it’s a follow up to ‘Daddy Knows Best’ and it’s called “Daddy Issues” can’t wait till the world hears this masterpiece to be honest, it’s my best work yet.

Is there a particular reason behind the peculiar titles of the EPs?

I named my first tape ‘Daddy Knows Best’ because every song has a lesson or a message, so i assumed the role of a father figure, teaching with every song. My next tape ‘Daddy Issues’ is a follow up to ‘Daddy Knows Best’ but this time it touches on the issues I’m facing and actual father problems.

Is there any artist you think we should be looking for?

Yes, Jeffrey Benson & RJ (Producer) pure talents these guys. RJ was the mind behind production of Astro RB’s ‘Sana Sana’. 

Lastly, where do you see yourself in the next couple of years?

I’d like my music to be globally celebrated for helping and changing lives for the better.

If you’re looking to collaborate with Chuks Profound, you can reach out to him on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube @Chuksprofound. 


By: Muyiwa Aguda

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