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If there’s one thing this present generation can easily boast of, it is the amount of talented individuals that It possesses. In a period where African music is beginning to take a central stage in the world of music, it’s easy to say Nigeria is at the forefront of this domination.

One artiste who everyone has their eyes on is multitalented artiste and songwriter, Fefefab. Since the release of his debut EP, ‘Late To The Party’, Vol. 1 of his ‘FabflexXSeries’, Fefefab has been off the scene, cooking up new music and getting in the right head space.

Beginning his journey like almost every young artiste out there, Fefefab started out in a music group with his close friends back in high school, and since then he has continued to grow gradually and has carved out a name for himself in the underground music scene. It would only be a matter of time before he’s one of the biggest artistes in Nigeria, with the quality of music he makes.

Being one of the most talented young artistes out there right now, AccelerateTV got to talk to Fefefab on his music life and the inspiration behind his debut EP and what he has been up to since he’s been off the grid.

What’s the Genesis of Fefefab as an artiste?

Fefefab: Bro, it goes way back to sampling my favorite Lil Wayne songs back in ‘09. Young money is a huge reason I started music to be honest. I used to record myself with my laptop’s in-built microphones way before I started hitting the studio.

I also started a music group with my closest friends back in high school, didn’t really care how talented anyone was, it was all about having a squad to vibe with musically. Most of us turned out to be really good with it though.

Do you still make music with friends from the group?

Fefefab: Definitely, with the ones still into music though.

How would you describe your experience in the industry till date?

Fefefab: (Laughs) I honestly won’t say I am a part of the industry, not yet. However, if we’re talking about my music journey, it’s definitely not been easy, a lot of learning, ups and more downs.

How do you stay motivated when the going gets tough?

Fefefab: I channel energy from up moments and the passion I have for the music. It gives me a sense of hope and knowing one day, I’ll get to where I want to get to.



And what do you hope to achieve with your music?

Fefefab: I hope the music gets the recognition it deserves. I got a lot of talent, and I know that. So I pray I actually get to the top.

It’s been a while since you dropped some new music, is there a particular reason behind that?

Fefefab: Yeah, I took a break for about 3 months from anything music related after the release of my debut EP ‘Late To The Party’, Vol.1 of my ‘FabFlexX’ series. Trying to get in the right head space, there’s just been a lot going on.

What was the inspiration behind the EP?

Fefefab: I had been into music for a bulk part of my lifetime and I hadn’t put out a single project. Some of the people supporting me, felt I was lagging. So cause of that, there was kind of a lot of pressure from them but I chose the name to affirm there was no pressure, I wasn’t running late, I was really just taking my time, had to pull up fashionably late to the party, hence the top tier music released.

How would you describe your creative process?

Fefefab: I love to create music based on real life experiences, but when i’m not creating based on that, I gather a lot of inspiration from music from all parts of the world. I enjoy getting inspired without actually recording any music and when I do feel i’m inspired enough, I record so much till I lose all the inspiration then the process repeats. (laughs)


You must have a favorite artiste to listen to then.

Fefefab: Nope, not at all. Different mood all the time.

You recently graduated from University, congratulations. So do you plan on going into music full time?

Fefefab: Thanks!

As interesting as going into music full time will be, I do hate to be kept in a box. So if going into music full time, that means I can’t explore other fields then. So no, I don’t think so, but I can’t stop creating & releasing new music though.

Should fans expect a new single or project from you soon?

Fefefab: I’ve got a lot lined up, should start dropping within the next month. Not going to share much details, but I also have a couple of collaborations coming soon.

Who’s your fav producer to work with?

Fefefab: Trill Xøe , Killah Bass. I recently started working with Dami Rore, love his work too.

How long have you been working  together?

Fefefab: I’ve been working with Trill and Killah for about 4 years now.

Are there any artistes like yourself you think we should look out for?

Fefefab: Wayyyy too many! But to name a few, look out for Eltxn, Foresythe, M-ayo.


Listen to Fefefab’s ’Late To The Party’ here and you could also follow him on social media: @Fefefabyo.


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