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On this week’s episode of Rising Stars, we’re featuring a super talented upcoming rapper, and singer, Kobi Wolf.


Kobi, as he’s fondly called by fans and colleague, started putting out music in 2017. He recently released his first project, ‘Onions and Boots, which he released on May 15, with deluxe version coming out nearly two weeks after, on May 27, following the positive reception from listeners.


Following the release of ‘Onions And Boots’, fans were able to fully witness his versatility, as the project contained different genres of music. Wolf’s previous singles, had given a glimpse only given us a glimpse.

Highgrade’, a single which was released in 2019, sees Kobi delve into reggae, with a likeness to Bob Marley’s sound, but still unique with Kobi’s voice, giving him an edge over his colleagues and creating his distinct sound.

A resident of Surulere Lagos, Nigeria, Kobi released Surulere Drive‘, an RnB single, which was produced by his good friend, Johnson. Using the art of storytelling, a skill only a few artists possess, he’s able to depict images of what it’s like to live and struggle in Surulere, in the minds of listeners, while also letting them know, he’s never going to allow obstacles hinder him from reaching his destination, which is to be a successful musician.

The ability for Nigerian artists to create their own unique sound, can never be overstated. Kobi Wyler, has been able to carve out his own unique sound using his relaxed voice and tone. Kobi is one to look out for in this new generation of evolving music sounds.


Kobi Wyler is currently an independent artist, and also a part-time model, songwriter and creative director. With the release of his new project, he’s gradually making a steady rise into the limelight. If you’d like to follow Kobi and listen to more of his music, or collaborate with him, you can follow him on Twitter or Instagram.


By Muyiwa Aguda 

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