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A lot of people dread road trips, but they can be super fun, especially when you are embarking on the amazing journey with friends or family. Here are a few superb ideas to making your next road trip stress free.

1. Firstly, leave early enough, this is one of the most important tips to having a stress free journey. The earlier you leave, the earlier you get to your destination. Plus it helps you avoid traffic build up.

2. Have enough cash on you before hitting the road, you never can tell when you would need it, nobody wants to be stuck in the middle of no where stranded, you might need money for gas or snacks, and the ATM might just be out of service.

3. you should eat light and sleep well the night before your journey especially if you’re the one behind the wheel. Eating light prevents numerous bathroom breaks.

4. Before packing, create a packing list to help guide you on the things you would be needing for your journey, so you don’t forget anything.

5. Wear comfy clothes while traveling since you’re going to be on the road for hours, even days so getting comfortable is a priority.

6. Take along a nice book or board game and pack enough snacks, this keeps the road trip fun and exciting, and it helps time fly.

BY: Oretha Chukwukere 

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