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A black shirt and tie combination isn’t the always the first idea to spring to mind because a black shirt is already in itself a bold choice. See, in our African context, black is already seen as such a negative color (for funerals and all). Therefore, in choosing a tie for your black shirt, one must be very careful so as not too make a fashion blunder. Usually, it’s best to stick to neutrals when choosing a tie for black or grey shirts. Here are some ways brightly colored ties can work:
black shiort and tie2

-If you want to go for an even bolder statement daring those people in your village, then the all black ensemble is the way to go. This is a better choice that the classic white and black making your look like a choir boy (not that there is anything wrong with that). Even in choosing an all black outfit, especially with a three piece suit, make sure the blacks compliment. Don’t pair that really old washed out shirt with your new suit, Big No!


Black shirt and tie1


-For looking less understated, yet stylish choose a light grey tie. For those that are superstitious as well, this a way to fend off all those that are looking for you. A light grey tie shows character without grabbing too much attention as compared to the all-black ensemble.


black shirt and tie3


-Another option would be to go bolder with an emphasized red or blue color. The amazing thing about black shirts is that any tie color will somehow fit into the day’s outfit. So don’t be normal. Go big or go home.


black shirt and tie4


Patterns are a good way of adding a little attitude but let it be minimal. Don’t choose ties with just solid colors unless your suit already has some sort of stripe. Poker dots or check colored ties will bring out your inner fashion paired with a plain suit or tuxedo.

The key to matching a black shirt and tie is elegance in subtlety. Black gives you a blank canvas to truly express yourself. Add a unique twist to your office wear and don’t be afraid to seem daunting. Keep in mind these tips and never forget that fashion is about self-expression.
Image source: lyst.com, pinteret.com, GQ.com, idleman.com

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