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By Femi Oduye

Hi all! My name is Femi and this is gonna be my own little corner where I share my love for Rock Music and try to curb the stereotype that Rock music is devilish. It’s totally not.

My favourite genre is Gothic Metal which is probably a little too hard for most people but if you are a Rock music lover, then it shouldn’t be a problem but since it’s my first time and most Nigerians don’t like Rock music, I will ease you guys into it.

So the band I’m gonna be speaking about this week is NICKELBACK! *insert drumroll*


Nickelback is a Canadian rock band that started in 1995. (It’s been over a decade, that’s actually pretty amazing for a rock band). They have been described as an Alternative rock/metal band, post-grunge band or hard rock band. I personally take them as Alternative rock band because well, they are not hard enough for me (Yes, Yes I’m proud like that). But if I have to step it down, they are a great choice for me.

Their lead is Chad Kroeger who has been the lead vocalist and lead guitarist since the beginning of the band.


Ryan Peake who has also been there since the beginning and is the backing vocals/rhythm guitarist.

Mike Kroeger is the bass guitarist.

And Daniel Adair is on Drums (and boy is he gooood!).

They have had 9 studios albums and 5 Video albums over the course of their 23 years. Which is quite impressive.

To me, their most successful album is Dark Horse, which is actually their most controversial as Rolling Stone called them the 2nd worst band in the 1990s (awon Haters!). My favourite album is still All the Right Reasons (has most of my favourite songs).

But all in all they are a pretty successful rock band and I don’t expect anything but awesomeness from them moving forward.

Here are my 5 personal favourites from them. You should definitely try them. Or you can just dedicate a whole day to trying out all their albums, lol.

Happy listening!

  1. How you remind me
  1. Rockstar
  1. If today was your last day
  1. Savin’ me
  1. Far away

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Actually, I haven’t listened to them in awhile and I had this huge smile on my face at the nostalgic effect they still have on me.

Anyways, see you next week with a new band!

Leave a comment with your thoughts! Thanks!

RockDiva out!

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