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By Chineze Ogugua

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Lucas Vasquez, Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta and Celta Vigo’s Iago Aspas have all expressed support towards the firefighters and victims of the wildfires that ravaged Portugal and northern of Spain the past few days.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The wildfires were worsened by Hurricane Ophelia as it approached Europe’s western coast, bringing strong winds that spread the flames.

Below are some tweets from players:

Ronaldo tweeted, “Impossible to be indifferent to this tragedy, I express my solidarity to the families and friends of the victims. My total support to the firefighters that risk their lives to help as best they can.”

Lucas Vazquez who hails from Galicia in northern Spain tweeted:

“All my love to my land, Galicia, I send all my support to those who are fighting against the flames.”

Barcelona captain and Spain international Andres Iniesta tweeted:

“A lot of support to the victims and those affected. Strength Galicia, strength Asturias, strength Castilla Leon, strength Cantabria, strength Portugal.”

Celta Vigo striker and Spain international Iago Aspas who is also a Galician, spoke after scoring a hat trick at their 5-2 La Liga win at Las Palmas on Monday:

“It’s difficult to be away from Galicia at this time, it has been complicated and I can’t wait to get home. Fortunately, my village was not affected but I know the situation in Vigo was terrible.”

“We dedicate the victory to those that helped against the fires. A united Galicia can overcome this. All my support to my people, I believe everything will return to be how it was before.”

At least 36 people in Portugal and four in Spain have died since the fires began over the weekend while more than 50 people have been injured in Portugal, with 15 reported to be in a serious condition.

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