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The journey to motherhood is no doubt a bumpy, yet beautiful ride. Some days, soon-to-be moms feel like taking the world, some other days they just want to sleep.

But while pregnant, you can break all fashion rules or as we say these days, “tables” because really in the pregnant world, the rules don’t apply.

Pregnancy will change your body. You may remain skinny or have really large bumpy, swollen feet or ankles. No matter. Asides a few tips of sticking to breathable fabrics and shopping sparingly at the go, because your body grows by the minute, you can still absolutely slay with your baby tank tagging along.

Thankfully there’s so much inspiration on the internet for you to pick from. One of our favorites is none other than beauty blogger, Ronke Raji. She’s repeatedly shown us you can be pregnant, fresh faced and kill it at the style stakes. Here’s some of her style options we’ve curated for you.

Yes. You can be pregnant and still wear the heck out of a swimsuit with your bump in all its glory.

You may not have known but high-waisted pants are a winner for expecting moms. Comfortable and snugly, what’s not to like?

Ronke in this denim served loads of preggy fashion goal in matching denim

While at it, she showed us street fashion got nothing on preggy fashion

Just in case you seek inspiration for your pregnancy photoshoot

Got beach parties? Crop dresses are still on the menu

Pregnant and serving sunny vibes

Break outs and swells? Like Ronke, you can absolutely still serve beauty looks while pregnant.

Photo credit: @ronkeraji

By Sarah Oyedo

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