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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

We all have that one day where the whole universe seems to be on our shoulders. We have to move from meeting to meeting, place to place and come through with numerous deliverables seemingly at the same time. Those are tough days, but they are no excuse to look tardy. Here are hacks to stay looking fresh on such stressful days:

benefits of facial cleansing

  1. Powder

Powder has a way of lifting your face from dull to bright in seconds! If you have oily skin, you will know the struggle of keeping your face bright almost every hour, so always have your powder in your bag and try to remember to dab your face every now and then.

2. Stay away from full makeup

Here’s the thing – on days that you can predict that you will be super busy, try not to wear heavy makeup. Otherwise they may cake easily and start washing off your face in the midst of your sweat and oils. So don’t worry, you are beautiful regardless. Just take a step away from the bronze and highlighters for that day. Stick with light (oil-free) foundation (but if you have dry skin, you can do without the foundation) and powder, so that continuous dabbing of powder during the day will be easier.

3. Don’t Touch It!

At all! Don’t touch your face at all if you want to keep your makeup looking fresh all day. Use a blotting paper! Those temptations to rub a pimple and tap your nose, among others, you have to resist them. This will also reduce breakouts and fine lines as constant pulling, arranging, tugging and picking only brings bacteria and stress to your beautiful face. When blotting, be sure to pat and not wipe away excess oil.

4. Your hair!

Yep! You cannot afford to forget about your hair. You don’t want to show up to your third meeting with your hair flying about and looking unkempt. Brush through it and be sure to pack it into a bun. This way, when strands are falling out, it will be easier to tuck them behind your ears.

5. Eye Makeup

Now, there’s a little controversy here as to whether you should bother with eyeshadow and liners at all on days when you are so busy. But here’s the thing, your eyes are as important to your entire look as any other part of your face, so please, if you have the time to wear eye makeup, please do. But please use waterproof eye makeup, to prevent it from running through your face when you sweat. But if you do not have the time to wear eye makeup, then just use your liner. Eye liner can give your eyes the pop it deserves while you do your run arounds, and do not rub your eyes – at all- all day. Yeah, you can’t rub them, even if you use waterproof makeup. Some of them are not smudge proof.

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