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By Damilola Faustino

Rowan Atkinson is not dead, despite a death hoax that has circulated the Internet.

mr bean rowan atkinson

The latest viral death hoax centred on the 63-year-old Mr Bean star was an attempt to spread a computer virus, according to reports. The hoax claimed the actor died in a car crash while attempting to do a stunt.

The headline reads: “FOX BREAKING NEWS: ‘Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson)’ died at  62 After Crashing his Car on Attempt perfecting a Stunt – Today July 2017”.

The latest death hoax included a video with a play button that invited people to watch, which leads to a website asking people to share on Facebook and complete a security test. But after sharing, the site instead offers a support phone number where scammers were allegedly trying to get the callers’ credit card information.

Mr Atkinson has previously been a victim of hoax stories. In March 2017 similar posts emerged claiming that he had died.

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