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By Ikenna Anieweta 

Rule No1 is an exciting new spin on the Rom-Com genre. A brief synopsis:

rule number one

Two friends Stephanie (Keira Hewatch) and Nonso Young are best friends, sisters through every way but blood. They live their lives by certain rules to make sure even if they fight, it doesn’t come in between their friendship.

Stephanie is an extrovert, who enjoys the occasional one night stand with different men. She believes the drama relationships bring is stressful and avoids it at all cost.

Nonso Young  is on the opposite side of the spectrum from Stephanie. She’s a self employed Computer Engineer who only focuses on her job and food. Especially Yoghurt (they both have a weakness for Yoghurt).

Tamuno Preye Boxer (Bucci Franklin) is your typical Lagos Boy.
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Good job, good looking and has his way with words (Lady Killer).

So now, put the pieces together – or don’t. Just go and see the movie, as it drops in cinemas tomorrow, June 1.

Rule no 1 is the kind of movie you should see with your friends, girls and guys. It’s a good date movie. Please make sure you finish your popcorn while the trailers are showing, because you’ll laugh a lot and you may choke.

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