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Dating can be awkward when starting out newly but what is even more awkward are first dates. Whether you’re going for a date with someone for the first time or it’s an old friend with whom things are taking an official turn , you’re bound to be a little nervous and that’s totally fine.

First dates are usually accompanied with awkward silences, dropping food on your clothes, spilling drinks, telling really silly jokes and even a throaty embarrassing laugh. Read on to find useful tips that will prepare you for a less awkward first date.

Plan Ahead of Time: Surprise first date sounds like fun because who doesn’t like spontaneity? So many things can wrong when dates are not properly planned. Planning ahead of time reduces the degree of awkwardness of who has to decide which movie to watch, what to eat or where to go to.

Keep Your Clothes Comfy: If you’re no Naomi Campbell, don’t go wearing 12 inch heels for a first date. While a first date is perfect excuse to look all glam up, keeping your clothes comfortable is important when it comes to helping you feel less nervous.

Keep Your Expectations in Check: While it is easy to dream of having the perfect first date, trying to behave in every way possible to make it happen might make you end up acting like a fool. Forget any expectations whatsoever- relax and focus on enjoying the moment.

Ask Questions: Avoid the much dreaded awkward silent moment by asking interesting questions. Make sure the questions help the other person tell you more about themselves without necessarily sounding like a private investigator.

Avoid Fancy Restaurants: Fancy restaurants like fancy clothes can make you feel nervous and awkward if it isn’t your style. To avoid the pressure of having to be on your best behaviour or eating fancy food you’re not sure you’ll like, go to somewhere with a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy your date.

Forget About Impressing Your Date: Of course it’s your first date and there’s a huge temptation to put on a fake personality in order to impress your date. Trying to impressing might make you miss out on the real fun and turn into an awkward mess. Just remember to be act yourself and let your date like you for you.

Avoid Alcoholic Drinks: While the effect of alcohol can help you feel more confident and less nervous, it can on the other hand be embarrassing when you get drunk and lose a grip on yourself. If you feel you can’t properly handle alcohol then by all means pass on it.

Resist Negativity: It’s a first date and probably a potential start to a new relationship if things go well. Try to keep things positive and resist the urge to talk about something you hate or how annoying your ex is, no one is interested.

Written by Treasure Asanammy

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