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Let’s not pretend anymore- this is 2016 and everybody is pretty open and accepting when it comes to relations. It’s perfectly acceptable to be with someone without them being your partner per se. You can have a friend…that comes with certain benefits. For those of you that get what I’m saying, read on to learn the careful rules of having a FWB. And for those of you that don’t, shh, it’s ok. Go read about how to slide into DMs instead.

-Your neighbor might not always be the best option: Sure, having your neighbor as a FWB has it perks like how you can literally show up at their apartment anytime of the day. Having them live close by can lead to complications as you can tell how much time they spend away from you and how late they returned last night.

-Most times strings always get attached, no matter how much both parties try not to fall in love. There is always a possibility that either one or both friends will fall for each other. The minute you begin to catch feelings for your special friend and you’re sure the feelings ain’t mutual then sever all contact before things go awry.

-Be sure not to quickly throw your FWB of the window when you meet a new person. Talk about what sort of relationship you and your new catch are going to have first before making any major decision. If it is one that requires exclusivity then go ahead but be sure to have everything clarified first before giving up your FWB.

-Be careful about bringing him into your social circle as FWBs are supposed to be temporary arrangement that might fizzle out. Seeing them get along with your family and friends might lead you to develop feelings for them and having them in your daily routine can lead to a long term connection you don’t want.

-There is absolutely no need to sleep in if you don’t want them to. Have an Uber drop them off if you’re sure it’s safe and convenient for them too. Sleeping can lead to all the awkward morning after banter or force you into post-sex cuddling that you don’t connect with.

-They are your sex partner and not your lover ok? Never ever forget that. This means that they are free to hook up with your friend if they want (okay, not really) or any other person if they so desire. This shouldn’t be considered cheating because no strings attached right? The same applies to you as well.

-Let your relationship remain in the confines of the bedroom and bed even. Catching up on a movie, dinner or any other date like activity might lead one person to begin to think of the relationship as heading somewhere.

-And the most important rule of all: make sure you stick to all the rules! Because once you mess up one, you’ve messed up everything!

Now that you know how things work, have fun with your ‘special friend’


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