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In life, there must always be rules. Rules are simply a set of regulations or principles governing conduct, actions, procedures, arrangements, etc. As you pen down your 2017 resolutions, it’s a must you add new turn up rules to the list. This will help you make better party decisions in the coming year. 


Rule 1: Thou Shall Not Over Spend On Asoebi

When your friends and family members bring you asoebi and you don’t think it’s something that should be purchased, please say ‘thank you, I’m not interested’. You should learn to say ‘NO’ to the ridiculous purchase of asoebi in 2017. Set for yourself a budget for asoebi this coming year. No buy buy in 2017 biko.


Rule 2: No Invitation, No Turn Up

In 2017, you shouldn’t continue the trend of jumping on every waggon wheel. Once there is no personal invitation that requires you to grace an occasion, please stay in your house. Don’t let 2017 be that year of you turning up unnecessarily just because you want to go feed your eyes. Please learn to buy magazines, I’m sure your will be blessed!


Rule 3: Stick With The Colour Code

Owanbe in 2017 will be lit as people have started planning and strategizing on how to out do one another this coming year. One of the focus of 2017 will be strict policies on the colour code for the events. I heard that the association of event planners are not joking with colour codes in 2017. Please avoid been embarrassed in the coming year. If you don’t have the selected colours for the day, please sleep at home.


Rule 4: Every Aspect Is Important

For those, who love to go wait in the reception hall before the church, registry or engagement is over, please warn yourself. 2017 will not condone such nonsense. Event planners have started locking up reception halls. If you don’t want to attend the church service, please chill at home till it’s time for the reception.


Rule 5: Elegance Is Key

Owambe is an avenue to market you so pay proper attention to yourself. Attain to be elegant in 2017. Buy few accessories. Buy new shoe and bag. Buy beauty products. Look like a billion bucks in 2017. Good looks attract great opportunities as you can never tell when your big break will come. Learn how to tie a perfect head wrap. Learn how to wear your makeup. Invest in a good cologne.


With this few rules of mine, I hope I have been able to convince you and not confuse you that turning up in 2017 must come with its own swag and attitude. See you next year!

Written By: Omoefe Ohworakpo