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By Chineze Ogugua

Russian women have been advised not to have sex with foreign men during the 2018 FIFA World Cup as the tournament kicks off today.

russian women

This was made known by Russian lawmaker, Tamara Pletnyova, as the fiesta will witness a large influx of foreigners visiting Russia to watch the competition live.

Pletnyova, who is the chairwoman of the Family, Women, and Children Affairs Committee in the lower house of parliament, warned of a possible rise in the number of single mothers as a result of Russian women mingling with foreigners.

She also added that, in a situation that a Russian woman gets pregnant for a foreigner, then it should be better he was of the same race and even if Russian women get married to their foreign partners, they could end up living abroad with their spouses and have no idea how to return home.

Meanwhile, the NFF have banned sex workers from coming near the Super Eagles hotel to allow the team concentrate.

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