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Have you ever heard or seen Iphone users remark that Android users on Snapchat make wack videos? It is almost like the racial slur of tech oppositions. With the new ”soon to be rolled out” Iphone 7, the Apple lovers (and Apple snobs) anticipate the 7th edition by their favorite mobile device provider.


In another world…..in a Galaxy not so far far away (dig the Star Wars reference) fans of Samsung mobile have been teased with the potential power of the forthcoming Note 7. (See ehn that device looks like…YEPA!!)


Back to the Iphone 7 however, leaked information suggest ( by Forbes) some features that may not sit too well with users, and so we are going to briefly check them out, in comparison to what is going to come with the Note 7.

After that we are going right to the trailer videos that give some descriptions on the fabness of these 2 monster gadgets, courtesy of Samsung mobile and New Tech

What we know of the Iphone 7 so far

No headphone jack– Its bluetooth all the way using ear plugs by Beats by Dre. At least no more battling the wire of your earpiece when you pull it out of your pocket.

No stereo speakers– There are 2 dotted grills at the bottom of the device but 1 of them just houses the microphone.

Home button- Now this comes more like a sleek touch button which uses haptic feedback to simulate the sensation of physical touch.


What we know of the Note 7 so far

It can go swimming– Water resistant all round, and not just the device but the signature Spen. So you can make notes even in the rain.

32Megapixel Camera– Like seriously……THATS BADA**





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