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The horror story of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 finally came to an end on Monday when Samsung said, in a filing with South Korean regulators, that it would permanently cease production and sales of the device, following a string of reported incidents in which supposedly safe replacements of the premium smartphone overheated and in some cases caught fire.

Taking our customer’s safety as our highest priority, we have decided to halt sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7,” the company said.


samsung galaxy note 7 exploded


Galaxy Note 7 is a premium device that was expected to swim in the same water with the recently released iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel but instead of that it’s now going to be confined to the history shelf of failed products. It initially sold for at least $850 in the United States and retailed in the region of N360,000 in Nigeria. The phone initially received strong reviews from critics, who heralded it as sleek and powerful but the excitement generated by the released in August 2016 quickly evaporated as stories of the phone igniting in while charging and in people’s pockets, once even in-flight aboard a jet.

Samsung on Friday September 2 initially announced a recall of every Galaxy Note 7 produced as of then about 2.5 million devices but subsequent replacements still experienced the same problem, Samsung told customers in South Korea on Tuesday that they will be able to exchange their Note 7 for another smartphone. The exchange program will begin on Thursday and run through the end of the year. The communique did not include what customers in other markets could expect in terms of a replacement or compensation but we expect Samsung will make that clear in the days ahead.


Written by Kike Olowu

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