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Samsung has unveiled its highly-anticipated Galaxy Fold phone that doubles as a tablet. It is believed to be the Korean company’s biggest development in smartphones in a decade.

samsung galaxy fold

photo credit: Indian Express

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was launched alongside four other smartphones on Wednesday evening. It functions as a typical smartphone but can unfold like a wallet to create a 7.3-inch touchscreen.

The device, which will be released in April, will cost at least $1,980 (about 700,000 naira), making it by far the most expensive smartphone on the market.

When fully unfolded, the device will be able to simultaneously run three different apps on the screen. The Galaxy Fold will also boast six cameras: three in the back, two on the inside and one on the front.

After spending nearly five years developing the technology underlying its foldable-screen phone, Samsung is clearly hoping for a big payoff.

“Get ready for the dawn of a new era,” declared DJ Koh, who oversees Samsung’s smartphone division. The new phone, he said, “answers sceptics who said everything has already been done.”

Samsung also unveiled the latest version of its flagship smartphone line, the Galaxy S10, releasing three models that cost between £669 and £1,099.

The phones – the cheaper S10E, the S10 and the S10+, echo the features in other recent models.

samsung galaxy s10

Photo credit: Tech Radar

Each device in the S10 lineup boasts fancy cameras, sleek screens covering the entire front of the devices and at least 128 gigabytes of storage.

The new phones are able take wider-angle shots than previous models and can charge other devices, including wireless headphones and smartwatches.

But those improvements aren’t a big leap from the smartphones released during the past few years by Samsung, Apple and other top manufacturers.

The smartphone-maker also teased its largest phone yet, the S10 5G, which offers 6.7 inch display and promises to be the future of smartphone connectivity. The phone will be available later this year, when 5G networks, that offer faster mobile data connections, come online.

The company is hoping 5G support will give the edge over Apple, which is not expected to unveil a 5G phone until next year.  All these devices are capable of wirelessly charging other Samsung phones and accessories.

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